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Salon Equipment Articles


Recorded Music Salon, 11 Collins Street, city, 9650 3821

Salon Has Full Package

A STYLISH facelift and a change of function have infused new life into an old building in Hamilton.

Passat Puzzler

IS this a curious case of the king is dead, long live the king? Volkswagen Australia's flagship car, the all-wheel-drive Passat Syncro, has gone from the market place. Well, sort of. More correctly the name might have been quietly buried but the car lives on with more more

Inside The Insider Within

IT SEEMS there's nothing more fascinating to the media than the media. It's difficult to put a finger on precisely when it happened (The Gulf War? The O.J. Simpson trial?) but at some point, members of the electronic and print media started training their equipment on each other, finding second-hand

Even The Hair Necessities Gone

Hairdresser Fiona Heslop was forced to turn customers away yesterday after thieves stripped her Corrimal salon almost clean on Tuesday night. ``They didn't leave so much as a brush," said Ms Heslop during a massive clean-up operation. The thieves struck the Railway St salon about 11pm on